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About Us

We want to earn your trust and have you recognize our integrity. There are many things that set us apart from the experience you get at another dentist office. We value you, your beautiful smile, and your confidence in making educated decisions about your teeth.

Our Philosophy:

  • Get to know our patients. You're not a number or a tooth, you are a person we have a relationship with. It's easier for us to want the best for our friends, and it's easier for you to develop trust in us when you know we care about you.
  • We want to educate you so well about your current oral health and the options that exist to improve it that you will be able to make the choice that is right for you.
  • When possible, and when it makes sense... save teeth.
  • When treatment is required, do it with the best methods and materials for the longest-lasting, most attractive results. Do it once the right way.
  • Decide what you want your oral health and smile to be like. Then proceed at the pace that is right for you. Don't compromise on quality, let time be the variable. In the end, better lasts longer, is easier to maintain, and is more attractive.
  • We want to help you reach the stage of dental health where you will never need to lose another tooth and will have a healthy mouth for a lifetime.

Dentistry with a Difference

What Makes Us Different from Other Dental Offices:

  • We are a low-volume practice. We want to be better, not bigger, and so we take the time to get things right.
  • The care you get is individualized just for you, not the same as for everyone else.
  • We will use a comprehensive approach to plan your treatment. We want everything we do to work together to improve your overall health.


Dental health comes in layers.

Long-term success comes when the layers are in the right order:

  • Comfort - People in pain can't plan ahead well. You just want the pain to stop. We will do all we can to get patients out of pain first, and then we can plan for your ongoing health.
  • Function - If you can't chew properly, or if you are damaging your teeth so they won't hold up, you are losing the battle! Create long-lasting, stable results.
  • Health - When disease processes like decay and gum disease are no longer active, and teeth are functioning properly for long-term service, you have a healthy mouth!
  • Aesthetics - Why not make it beautiful if we have designed things to hold up over time? The time to consider appearance is when you know you have something that will stay healthy, be long-lasting and be comfortable.
Talented Team, Excellent Care


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