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How We Serve You

“We want to provide for your physical and emotional comfort.”

When you enter our office you may notice something strange about our staff: We all have big ears. Not literally, of course, but figuratively.

We have been trained and have developed a keen ability to really listen and get to know our patients. You can expect to learn a lot about your dental health and be given the power to make choices regarding your dental care. You will find that your goals and objectives come first with us, and that we will provide you with the most comprehensive dental care available.

We subscribe to the principles and practices of optimal dental care. This means helping you to elevate your mouth to the best level of health possible. To do this, we provide complete examinations, preventive care programs and comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment planning. No matter what your past dental care experiences, you will be amazed and delighted with the scope of our practice.
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An Educated Us Benefits an Educated You

To keep our work fresh and exciting for the entire staff, we spend a great deal of time on continuing education. This is beneficial to you because we stay up-to-date with advancements in our field. We have a deep understanding of the mechanics of the jaws, mouth and teeth. We can anticipate problems years in advance and help you avoid them.

Our training and knowledge has put us at the forefront in the treatment of these complicated dental issues:

  • Painless Laser Treatment 
    • Whitening teeth, Treating
    • Gum Disease,
    • Contouring and removal of excess soft Tissue,
    • Treatment of Apthous ulcers and herpetic lesions
  • TMJ Treatment (jaw joint) disorders and facial pain
  • Cosmetic dentistry to create beautiful smiles through the enhancement of tooth shape, size, alignment, and whiteness
  • Reconstruction dentistry for cases of dental neglect, traumatic accidents or just accumulated wear and tear
  • Occlusal disease or excessive wear and breakdown of teeth due to clenching and grinding activity
  • Dental implant usage to replace missing teeth and restore lost function
  • Coordination of care with dental specialists in complex cases


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