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Laser Treatment

Use of Lasers in dentistry can allow you to have recommended treatment with the greatest comfort, in the most technologically advanced way possible. The diode laser allows us to perform treatment to soft tissues painlessly, with little or no anesthetic needed, and with no discomfort afterward. Both Drs. Hanley and Murphy are certified in the use of the dental laser and pleased with the benefits of improved results and comfort for our patients. Our hygienists have each taken additional training in the use of the diode laser to assist in the work they do.

Uses & Benefits of Laser Treatment

  • The diode laser is effective in treating canker sores and cold sores to pretty much stop them in their tracks, eliminating the pain that accompanies them, and dramatically speed up their healing. Cold sores, if caught before they blister, can often be prevented totally.


  • For people who have some form of gum disease, the diode laser can be used to treat the pockets of infection that are present to eliminate bacteria and allow for better healing when added to our already effective treatment procedures.


  • People who want the fastest results whitening their teeth find that the diode laser will jump-start the process for them for a fast and attractive result.


  • We sometimes need to contour gum tissue to adjust how much of a tooth shows, to give a smile the nicest appearance after orthodontic treatment, or in conjunction with cosmetic dental treatment. This can be done painlessly, and allows us to dramatically enhance our patients’ smiles.


  • We use the diode laser to remove various lesions in the mouth like warts, fibromas and other soft tissue lesions. We can do this painlessly and easily with the laser, with no discomfort after treatment.

Schedule an appointment today to talk about our less painful, laser treatment options.


Check out our past work below!

Gumline Contouring

Uneven gumline along upper teeth made the lateral incisors appear quite short. Gumline was recontoured to allow teeth to have correct proportion and resulted in nicer appearance.


Contoured gumline
Uneven gingival margins


Lip Hematoma Treatment

Patient had a hematoma from biting her lip which was present for years afterward, never going away. Laser was used to remove the lump and discoloration below the surface with no pain at all.


Fixed lip hematoma
Hematoma on a patient's lip


Gum Tissue Contouring

After orthodontic treatment, the gum tissue still covered too much of the front teeth, laser treatment was used to reshape the tissue to show more tooth. The web of tissue near the upper front teeth was too thick and too visible. Laser was used to remove this band of tissue.


Extended Gum Line

Successfule gingival contouring
Uneven gumline

Thick Gum Tissue

Laser treated gumline
Thick gumline tissue


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