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Restorative Services

Regardless of whether you need a simple filling or more extensive restoration or reconstruction, our office is able to help you decide on and accomplish the treatment you want. Our goal is for you to have an attractive smile that is comfortable, has the necessary function and chewing power, and will allow your mouth to be healthy and to positively impact your overall health.


Most of the fillings we use are called composite resin restorations. They are bonded to your enamel and are the same color as your own teeth. We use them when the filling will be small or moderate in size and the tooth will have enough strength to function well after being filled.

Tooth Filling Case Study   


When a tooth needs a larger, stronger restoration, or when we want the best combination of strength and natural appearance, a crown is used. Porcelain ceramics are used most often, but gold is still used occasionally for strength, where it will not show.

Dental Crown Case Study


It's Not Too Late!

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw in the area of a missing tooth. Dental implants are used to restore a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or anchor a partial or full denture.

Dental implants are one of the most successful dental treatments being done today and are the closest replacement for a lost tooth that modern dentistry can offer. They have been researched extensively for over thirty-five years and today's products and techniques are extremely successful. Drs. Hanley and Murphy have extensive continued education and years of experience in implantology.

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Bite & Jaw Alignment

Occlusal equilibration is a term used to describe the process of adjusting the way your upper and lower teeth bite together. Altering the chewing surfaces of some or all of a person's teeth allows the jaw joints to be in the proper anatomical location when the teeth are fitting together. During treatment the biting surfaces of the teeth are meticulously altered in shape to meet predetermined criteria of an ideal occlusion (bite). The objective is harmony between the tooth contacts, chewing muscles and the temporalmandibular joints to prevent any further damage or breakdown of tissues.

Patients who receive this treatment often notice their teeth hit more evenly and their bite feels more solid than it ever did before. Eating, speaking, and smiling become enjoyable again when your bite is aligned.

Bruxism Information 
Occlusal Equilibration Information 
TMJ Disorders Information


When a missing tooth or teeth need replacement, the replacement can be anchored to the adjacent tooth on either side to replicate or improve upon the previous function or appearance. Porcelain ceramics are most frequently used to blend with or improve on previous natural teeth.

Bridge Case Study


Full or Partial Dentures

If multiple teeth or even all of the teeth have been removed, a removable prosthesis called a partial or full denture, can be used to replace the missing teeth. Because the denture teeth wear and the inside of your mouth changes shape over time, dentures need to be refitted or remade periodically.

Denture Case Study


Splint Therapy

People who have experienced extreme wear to their teeth or who may have had extensive restoration of their mouths often need to protect their teeth from further or future breakdown. We use an intraoral appliance called a splint, which is much like a mouth guard. Patients wear it at night to minimize the chances of further damage.

Bruxism Information


Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment, commonly called Root Canal Therapy, is necessary when the pulp of the tooth, which contains the nerve and blood supply to the tooth, becomes diseased or damaged. When the pulp is infected, the diseased nerve can be removed through an opening in the top of the tooth. The inside of the tooth is cleaned with special instruments and medicines. When the tooth is free of infection, it can be filled with a material that will prevent bacteria from reentering the tooth. This will allow the tooth to be rebuilt and give many more years of service.

Extreme Challenges

Dr. Hanley and Dr. Murphy have a functional and technical understanding of how things ought to function that goes beyond the training and experience of many general dentists. This background enables us to meet the challenges of complex dentistry. To put it bluntly: we thrive on extreme dental challenges.


Check out our past work below!

Drag the arrows on the photos back and forth to compare the before and after.



Partial Denture & Dental Implants

Congenitally missing tooth had been replaced by removable partial denture. A dental implant was used to provide a natural looking, permanent, more attractive solution.


Porcelain Bridge

Missing tooth had been replaced with porcelain bridge years before. A dental implant and several new crowns were used to provide a more natural, attractive solution.


Porcelain Bridges & Crowns

Combination of old fillings, decay, missing and broken teeth and unaesthetic old crowns. In addition, abscess caused two front teeth to need removal. Teeth were restored with porcelain bridges and crowns for a much-improved strength, functionality, and appearance.


Crown restoration at Hanley Murphy Dental

Crown restoration at Hanley Murphy Dental



Dental Restoration & Alignment Services

Many missing teeth, decay, and misalignment of teeth. Orthodontic treatment, whitening, porcelain crowns and bridges and a partial denture were necessary to give the combination of comfort, function, longevity, and esthetics desired.


missing teeth, decay, and broken fillings

Porcelain Veneers

Peg-shaped lateral incisors were narrow and too short. Porcelain veneers were placed to improve the shape of the teeth and make for a more attractive smile.



Teeth Smoothing & Filling Replacement

Front teeth were chipped and uneven. Decay was present under many old fillings. Patient wanted silver removed and replaced with white fillings. Teeth were smoothed and contoured, decay was removed and silver was replaced for a much more attractive smile.


Chipped teeth restoration at Hanley Murphy Dental

Chipped teeth restoration at Hanley Murphy Dental



Full Restorative Services

Patient was told by three other dentists that orthodontic treatment would be necessary before restoring upper teeth. We were able to do this without orthodontic treatment.


Restorative Services

Patient was told by three other dentists that orthodontic treatment would be necessary before restoring upper teeth. We were able to do this without orthodontic treatment.



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